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Main feature of sliding table/panel saw:

1.Similar as item VKJ-032,  pls refer to the following related products VKJ-032.  But pls note the angel of main saw blade is 90° for this item.

2.The sliding table dimensions can be adjusted as per your requirements, eg: the length can be 3800mm if you need.

Technical specification:

Item noVKJ-032VKJ-030VKJ-028
Dimensions of sliding table3200×375mm3000×360mm2800×310mm
Maximum cutting length(Gross cut capacity)3200mm3000mm2800mm
Maximum cutting width1250mm1250mm1250mm
Saw blade diameter300mm(∮250-∮300)300mm(∮250-∮300)300mm(∮250-∮300)
Maximum cutting height70mm70mm70mm
Speed of main saw blade4500/6000r/min4500/6000r/min4500/6000r/min
Spindle diameter30mm30mm30mm
Saw blade angle0-45°0-45°90°
Main motor4kw4kw4kw
Scoring saw blade diameter120mm120mm120mm
Speed of scoring saw blade8000r/min8000r/min8000r/min
Spindle of scoring saw20mm20mm20mm
Scoring motor0.75kw0.75kw0.75kw
Net weight800kg800kg800kg
Gross weight(with wooden  case packing)900kg900kg850kg
Overall dimension (LxWxH)3200×2550×900mm3000×2550×900mm2800×2550×900mm
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