Project Description

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Technical specification:

Item noVKH-300VKH-400
Max. working size300x300mm400x300mm
The distance of blade to the working table3-200mm3-200mm
Conveyor belt width285mm380mm
Saw wheel diameter711mm711mm
The feeding speed0-18m/min0-18m/min
Saw wheel lifting motor0.18kw0.18kw
Saw wheel motor15kw18.5kw
The hydraulic pressure55kg/cm255kg/cm2
Vacuum tube diameter102mmX2102mmX2
Saw blade size(LxWxH)4572x27x0.9mm(1″ saw wheel) 4572x41x1.27mm(1.3″ saw wheel)4572x27x0.9mm(1″ saw wheel) 4572x41x1.27mm(1.3″ saw wheel)
saw road1.2-2.2mm1.2-2.2mm
Overall dimension (LxWxH)3000x1950x1850mm4000x1950x1850mm
Net weight1800kg1900kg
Working Voltage380V380V
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