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Main feature of thermal transfer edge bander:

1.This machine is equipped with Germany milling cutter(LEITZ brand ).It can finish  six processes at once: sanding , dusting, primary transfer, Secondary compression molding, cooling.

2.Suitable for medals, wood care, crystal engraving(crystal prints), frameless paintings, arts&crafts, furniture,  cupboards and other shaped edge

3.It can be customized product.

Technical specification:

Item noVKF-270B
Maximum sealing thickness3-55mm
Maximum sealing width3-50mm
Working feed speed0-8m/min
Diameter of thermo print wheel200mm
Angle adjustment range0-45°
Milling motor power2.5kw
Maximum speed12000r/min
Sanding power0.75kw
Feed motor slowdown1.5kw
Heating wheel+winding power0.025kw×3
Heating pipe power3kw×2
Power supply380v
Overall dimension (LxWxH)3100×1000×1500mm
Winter temperature200-220℃
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