Project Description

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The Processing components refer to the below pic:


Gluing for edge bander

End trimming

End trimming for edge banding machine

Rough trimming

Rough trimming for automatic edge bander

Fine trimming

Fine trimming for automatic edge banding machine


Scraping for edge bander machine


Buffing for edgebander

Technical specification:

Item noVKF-106VKF-106B
The thickness of edge banding tape0.4-3mm0.4-3mm
The width of edge banding tape12-60mm12-60mm
Panel length≥120mm≥120mm
Panel width≥80mm≥80mm
The feeding speed12-20m/min12-20m/min
Feeding motor1.5kw inverter1.5kw inverter
Glue post motor0.37kw inverter0.37kw inverter
End trimming motor0.37kw×2 inverter 14000r/min0.37kw×2 inverter 14000r/min
Rough trimming motor0.7kw×2 inverter 18000r/min0.7kw×2 inverter 18000r/min
Fine trimming motor0.7kw×2 inverter 18000r/min0.7kw×2 inverter 18000r/min
Slotting motor1.8kw
Polishing motor0.25kw×2  1400r/min0.25kw×2  1400r/min
Heating power of glue tank2kw2kw
working air pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Motor power(Total power)9.4kw9.4kw
Overall dimension (LxWxH)5600×900×1600mm4600×900×1600mm
Net weight≤2000kg≤1800kg

Functions of automatic edge bander:

Item noVKF-107VKF-106VKF-106BVKF-105VKF-105BVKF-105C
Pre-millingyes   yes
End Trimmingyesyesyesyes yes
Rough trimming yesyes  
Fine trimmingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Scrapingyes yesyesyes
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