Project Description

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The Processing components refer to the below pic:


pre-milling for edgebander



Gluing for edge bander

Fine trimming

Fine trimming for automatic edge banding machine


Scraping for edge bander machine


Buffing for edgebander

Technical specification:

Item noVKF-105VKF-105BVKF-105C
Panel thickness10-50mm10-50mm10-50mm
Edging thickness0.4-3mm0.4-3mm0.4-3mm
Min.Width of panel≥80mm≥80mm≥80mm
Min.Length of panel≥160mm≥160mm≥160mm
Max.size of tape higher than panel2mm2mm2mm
Panel feeding speed≤15mm/min(variable speed)≤15.5mm/min(variable speed)≤15.5mm/min(variable speed)
working air pressure(Pneumatic power)0.7Mpa0.7Mpa0.7Mpa
power supply380V 3N/PE 50Hz380V 3N/PE 50Hz380V 3N/PE 50Hz
panel feeding motor1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW
Glue axis motor0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW
Edge-cutting motor0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min
Rough trimming motor1.1KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min1.1KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min1.1KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min
Fine trimming motor0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min0.5KW×2 200Hz 12000r/min
Buffing motor0.25KW×2 50Hz 2800r/min0.25KW×2 50Hz 2800r/min0.25KW×2 50Hz 2800r/min
Heating power of glue tank2.5KW2.5KW2.5KW
Secondary heating power0.12KW0.12KW0.12KW
Motor power(Total power)9.57KW9.57KW9.57KW
Total current19.13A19.13A19.13A
Edging glue temperature (for reference)180-200℃180-200℃180-200℃
Overall dimension (LxWxH)4320×1380×1410mm4620×1380×1410mm3900×1380×1410mm
Net weight≈2500kg≈2600kg≈2300kg

Functions of automatic edge bander:

Item noVKF-107VKF-106VKF-106BVKF-105VKF-105BVKF-105C
Pre-millingyes   yes
End Trimmingyesyesyesyes yes
Rough trimming yesyes  
Fine trimmingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Scrapingyes yesyesyes
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