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Main feature of Semi-automatic edging band machine:

1.The semi-automatic machine can be used for density boards, small Woodworking boards and shaving boards, can automatically transported Edge panel, gluing, scraping and polishing.

2.The machine is with good quality and competitive price, so it especially suitable for furniture manufacturers.

3.We can produce the machine according to your requirements.

The Processing is as below:

Gluing—-Fine trimming—-Scraping—-Buffing—-Slotting

Technical specification:

Item noVKF-001VKF-001BVKF-001C
Rolling edge-enveloping belt thickness0.4-3mm0.4-3mm0.4-3mm
Rolling edge-enveloping belt height13-60mm13-60mm13-60mm
Workpiece thickness10-55mm10-55mm10-55mm
Minimum width150mm150mm150mm
Minimum length160mm160mm160mm
Delivery speed of workpiece11.4m/min11.4m/min11.4m/min
Air pressure0.7Mpa0.7Mpa0.7Mpa
Edge-removing equipment motor0.75kw 2800rpm0.75kw 2800rpm0.75KW  2800rpm
Buffing motor(Polish equipment motor)180w×2  1400rpm180w×2  1400rpm180W×2  1400rpm
Workpiece delivery motor0.75kw0.75kw0.75kw
Glue axis motor0.55kw0.55kw0.55kw
Motor power(Total power)3.41kw3.41kw3.41kw
Overall dimension (LxWxH)2400×750×1200mm2100×750×1200mm2400×750×1200mm
Net weight800kg700kg750kg

Functions of Semi-automatic edge bander:

Item noVKF-001VKF-001BVKF-001C
End Trimming   
Rough trimming   
Fine trimmingyesyesyes
Slotting  yes
Scrapingyes  yes
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