Three points you need to know when choosing banding machine:

1.Choosing edge banding machine depends on the shape and feature of the work piece,edge Material Type, also need to consider productivity and quality.

2.The  straight edge banding machine is usually used for office furniture and cabinets, and other products in simple shapes. The main consideration should be the output  and  function when you choose it.

For example,if  PVC or ABS material, then scraping device is needed; for solid wood material, need to add fine trimming and sanding equipment.

If low temperatures in winter, to guarantee edge quality,the best choice for edge banding machine is with far infrared preheating device.

There are also many other optional additional configuration, such as automatic tracking round corner trimming device, pre-milling device, etc.

3.The automatic edge banding machine have a lot of functions,such as Pre-milling, Gluing, End trimming,Rough trimming,Fine trimming,Scraping edge, Polishing,Slotting,etc.

It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, precision, and good appearance.

There are many items with different functions for your selection, we also can produce the machine according to your requirements.